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Welcome to is the web-based dating site for single parents looking for love and companionship. Whether you're a single mom or a dad on your own you're entitled to happiness and fulfillment in your personal life. Our platform was created with you in mind. We provide an environment that is safe and welcoming for single parents to meet and form meaningful connections.

At we are well aware of the difficulties that come with having a parent who is a solo mom. It's hard to manage work, parenting and all the other things life throws at you as you try to make some time for yourself. That's why we've made it easier for you to connect with people who lives in Ireland who understands your circumstances and is eager to assist you.

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The members we have are parents who're single just like you, who are looking to make a lasting relationship with someone who gets the person they are. You can find an informal fling or long-term relationship, our platform is able to meet your needs. We've got features like instant messaging, advanced search and compatibility matching that will make it easier for you to find someone that shares your values and interests.

Why wait? Register now to begin your journey towards getting love and happiness as the sole parent. Our dedicated customer support team will be there to assist, so you can focus on finding that special person. You can join our community today and start making new friends within Ireland!

Find Single Parent in Ireland

Meet Single Ireland Parents Seeking Love Online

The best part is that our site is completely free to join and an easy-to-use and simple platform to single parents in search of love. We believe that everyone has a right to happiness, no matter their circumstances, and that's why we've created this platform to help all of you.

So, whether you're a single mom in Ireland looking for a partner to spend time with, or a single dad searching for someone to serve as a role model for your children, is the place for you. Our members are from all walks of life, and we are open to anyone who's serious about connecting with someone meaningfully.

Why you should try our dating site?

  1. Chances of meeting someone who understands your lifestyle and priorities as single parents.

  2. Ability to connect with others who have similar experiences and struggles.

  3. An uneasy feeling of pressure or the stigma of dating one parent.

  4. Opportunities to find a partner who is also a parent and knows the responsibilities associated with it.

  5. Access to a larger pool of potential partners specifically looking for single parents in Ireland.

  6. Ability to filter and search for individuals with certain qualities and attributes that are significant to you.

  7. A secure and safe platform to meet people and develop connections.

  8. Flexible and convenient scheduling options to accommodate your busy parenting schedule.

  9. Ability to move in your own way and get to know someone before you commit to relationships.

  10. More support from a network of like-minded people.

  11. Improved confidence and levels of comfort when you are dating and discussing your experiences as single parents.

  12. Chance to make new relationships and connections that will positively impact your life as well as that of your children.

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Safe and Secure

And for those who are worried about security We've got you covered too. Our website has robust security measures to protect your personal information and keep you secure even when you're on the internet. We also have a strict code of ethics that all members must abide by, so you can rest assured that you're part of a secure and friendly community.

In addition to connecting you with potential partners in Ireland, we also offer a range of resources and assistance to help you navigate the ups and downs of being a single parent. Our blog is filled with articles and advice on everything from co-parenting , to dating with a single parent so you can always find the right information.

Don't let being a single parent stop you from being back from having fun and finding happiness. Join now and begin making the most of your life as single parent. With our friendly community and amazing features, you're just one click away from finding your perfect partner in Ireland. Sign up today to begin your journey today!

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Find Single Mom in  Ireland

Where to Meet the Right Singles Near Me in Ireland

Whether you’re looking for love or just a few new friends, Ireland has plenty of singles waiting to meet you.

With a booming pub culture, Dublin is a popular place for dating and finding a partner. It’s also a fun city to explore, and you can find a variety of activities that will help you get to know your potential date.


If you're single and looking for the right person to share your life with, Dublin is one of the best cities in Ireland. In fact, it's been ranked as one of the best cities for singles in Europe by travel publication Big 7 Travel.

It’s a place known for its friendliness and unique pub tradition, and it can be a great way to meet people. But if you're looking for something more than just a quick drink, you may want to try a different type of venue.

There are plenty of bars, pubs and nightclubs in Dublin to choose from. These venues are packed with fun and sexy locals, so you’re sure to find someone to connect with.

However, if you’re a little more serious about meeting someone special, it’s worth trying an online dating site. These sites can be a great way to connect with sexy women in Dublin and start a relationship.

You can also go to speed dating events in Dublin and surrounding areas. These events are great for meeting people in a short space of time and making connections with potential dates.

If you’re ready to get serious about dating in Ireland, you can sign up with our site and be on your way to finding the love of your life. With more than 1 million profiles, this website has everything you need to get started and build a strong connection with the perfect partner.

You can also try shopping malls, which are popular in Dublin and have lots of cafes, restaurants, and clubs inside them. This is a great way to meet single women who enjoy a good conversation. If the conversation flows well, you can then go out for a date.

Find Single Mom in Belfast Ireland


Dating in Ireland can be challenging. With social circles becoming increasingly stagnant in people's 30s, and approaching strangers in bars or clubs not always the most effective way to meet someone new, dating can be tricky. But online dating is by far the most efficient way to boost your chances of meeting that special someone.

If you're looking to meet singles in Cork, Ireland, then a 100% free dating site is the best place to start. Whether you're searching for friendship, a short-term or long-term relationship, Our site is the perfect place to find a great match.

You can search for local singles in your area who share your interests and are ready to have some fun. Sign up for free and you'll be able to start browsing profiles of available Cork singles immediately.

If you're looking to go for a romantic date, the enchanting Shandon neighbourhood has plenty of places to explore. You can wind your way through tiny gallery-flanked streets or climb the 132 steps to St. Anne's Bell Tower, which boasts spectacular views of the city and the River Lee. Or you can head to the bold timber and limestone Lewis Gluckman Gallery, which houses a diverse collection of art from all over the world.


Galway is home to the largest population of singles in Ireland, so you're bound to find some great people in this beautiful city. However, if you're looking to get serious with someone, you'll need to look beyond the local bars and clubs.

Fortunately, the internet makes it easier than ever to connect with other singles from your area - and it's no different in Galway. With so many smart, interesting people searching for love online, it's easier than ever to meet the right person and start a lasting relationship.

When it comes to dating in Galway, a lot of people are opting for apps and websites that are designed specifically with singles in mind. These are free to use and come with a huge range of features that will help you find a date in no time at all!

The most important part of any dating app is to make sure you have a good connection with the person you're communicating with. You should also ensure that you're meeting people who are compatible with your own personality and lifestyle.

If you're hoping to take your date out for a meal, then don't miss the Latin Quarter. This is a buzzing area that's filled with vibrant bars, restaurants and cultural spots.

It's a fantastic place to explore the Latin culture of Galway with your date and you can even try the local delicacies. You could also take a trip to the renowned Cliffs of Moher, one of Ireland's most popular tourist attractions and a must-see.

Alternatively, you could take a walk along the riverside. There are a number of stunning walks to choose from and it's a perfect opportunity to see more of the city while enjoying the fresh air and taking in the view.


If you're a single girl or guy and you live in or near Belfast, it's important to find the right places to meet the right singles. This will help you to make new friends, meet a partner or just get out and have fun!

The best way to meet new people in Belfast is through a club or group. These groups have a friendly atmosphere and they organize events where you can meet with other members. They can also offer you an opportunity to socialize and make friends with different cultures and nationalities.

Whether you're looking for new friends or a serious relationship, joining a club is an excellent way to meet new people and build a strong social network. You'll be able to find other members who are interested in meeting up with other singles, too.

EUROSPAR is a popular supermarket that has lots of single women shopping for groceries and ready-made meals. Strike up a conversation with them in the produce aisle and you could easily end up exchanging recipes or getting to know each other better.


Lisdoonvarna is a town in Ireland that is known for its matchmaking festival. During this event, people travel from all over the world to find love.

It is a very lively place and there is much to see and do. You can dance, listen to live music and meet other singles in a fun and exciting environment. It is also a great way to experience the culture of Ireland.

Throughout the month of September, there is a variety of events taking place to ensure that everyone can enjoy themselves and have a good time at the festival. These include set dancing exhibitions and live Irish music in many of the pubs around the town.

The festival is a great opportunity to meet other singles from all over the world and share in the fun of the month long celebration of love. There is also a chance to make new friends and get to know the different cultures that are present in this beautiful country.

In recent years, it has become one of Europe’s largest singles events. Tens of thousands of people from all over the world come to Lisdoonvarna for this annual event.

This small town is located in County Clare on Ireland’s west coast. It is a very popular tourist destination and is known for its mineral springs.

Traditionally, it was a town that was mainly visited by farmers in search of a wife. The village became popular for this purpose, as it was an easy place for them to visit and it was also at a time when they could focus on their search for a wife rather than focusing on their day-to-day work.